This site is under construction and the first in a series of posts is about to be posted. I intend to carry on with the approach set in my Database Fog Blog… with some wacky ways to think about topics relevant to CIOs today. Given my technical background, I’ll augment the different thinking with some straightforward explanations of technical topics.

To start I am going to repost a series on IT Modernization I composed while I was the CIO of the Social Security Administration. This is intended to get these in the archive… but you may find some of them interesting.

The first post, here, is important as it suggests why CIOs need to be planning on IT Modernization now. In fact, it begins to hint that technology is accelerating and that IT Modernization needs to start ASAP and continue.

I hope that you will enjoy the old posts… and especially the ones in my head, yet to come.

Rob Klopp